ZT 1610 UV Flatbed Printer 3pcs Dx8/4720

          Short Description:

          ● Max Printing size:100*160cm

          ● Max printing speed:

          • 17m2/h(Production mode) /
          • 12m2/h(Precision mode) /
          • 9m2/h(High precision mode)

          ● Printeads:1-3 PCS TX800/DX8/4720/3200HEAD

          ● Printing material:Glass,Tile,Acrylic,PP,Metal,Wood and so on

          Product Detail

          Product Tags

          Product Introduction

          Product name A0 uv flatbed printer
          Model ZT-1610-3DX8-UVZT-1610-3 4720-UV
          Printing size Max 160*100cm
          Printhead 3 pcs tx800/dx8/4720
          Speed 7.5m2/h(Production mode) /6.5m2/h(Precision mode) /5.5m2/h(High precision mode)
          Maximum Resolution 720*4320 dpi
          Ink type Hard/soft uv ink
          color W W VVK C M Y? /?4 COLOR +WHITE+VAINISH
          Printing Type Glass,Acylic board,Wood,Board,Metal,Leather and so on
          Max Printing heigh

          25cm for standared?

          Rip software Maintop 6 uv version for standared & photoprint uv 12 for optional
          Machine Dimension 280*166*138CM
          Package size 292*182*122CM
          UV lamp 3 UV LED LAMP For water coolling

          Product Advantages

          It can print paper ,plastic,gloss,leather,pvc,bottle,tile,book cover,phone case and so on

          1. Use CNC alominum beam and PTFE cellular flatform

          2. CNC carrige,good material for good printing

          3. Double screw rob system,more stable

          4. In fact ,printing size is 100*70cm

          5. Both flatbed printing and rotary printing(for bottle and mugs)6. Reliable boards system work on stable,high precision machine body.

          6. Reliable boards system work on stable,high precision machine body.


          7. Automatic strring system for white and lack arming system.Ensure that the ink will not precipitate and affect the printing sure no stop working.

          8. White ink channel on or off optional and output percentage adjustable,more vividly and saturation.

          9. Carriage height can reach 8cm,automatically up and down.

          10. Support for multiple printing on same picture by one time,fit for most special production request.

          11. use water cooling for uv lamper,so dont worry it broke.You can adjust the Uv lamp power by yourself.

          12. Machine working window. Easy to see inside.

          13. A small fan is installed on the board to cool down the board card and prolong the service life of the board card.

          14. Heating function of sprinkler head, ( head has temperature requirements, such as in extremely cold areas, use this function to facilitate ink fluency).

          15. Give software and tool bag for free.

          16. My factory has 10 years experience,can provide best service.

          17. Print bottle and cup(with handle).

          18. Highly integration control software with non stop working function,easy to read and add print file during printing.

          Product solution: We have a team of engineers, contact engineers if you have any after sales service.

          Instructions: We'll send a USB flash drive along with the machine, with all the software and instructional videos.

          Maintenance: Frequent use of machinery.

          After-sales service: We will give away a spare parts package for free, which will help customers with after-sales service.Warranty:13months.


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