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The Growth of Programs on Mobile Devices

Paradigm shifts occasionally occur in the long march of technology development. The discovery of electricity, the very first land-based phone, the first mobile telephones, and more recently, the development of Apps. Cell phone manufacturers were caught off-guard when Apple burst onto the scene with its original iPhone in 2007. Promoted as a combination of phone, music player and Internet communicator, the iPhone opened up to third party developers to create native Applications. Thousands of developers rushed into develop various Software - called Apps - that may run on the iPhone. A billion dollar industry was born overnight.
Not long afterward, Google introduced its Android system in 2008 using a similar strategy. Other players will also be joining the App bandwagon. The addition of tablet devices has fueled further the growth of the Program industry. Programs have dramatically transformed the mobile sector, turning a voice-device to a multi-channel device that may be used in countl…

Greed's Psychosis about Wealth Creation

Hitting upon a touchy subject, you can probably tell, I'm not in this for the kudos. Before going any further, for the article 'psychosis' is defined as being out of touch with reality to a point where one behaves with no or little regard for the law or morality

While I have no real issue with the idea of pitting someone's knowledge base against a computer, and what is essentially a questionnaire game show, just the title of the app alone seems enough of a draw card to get people to view Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?

And this is truly the psychosis of urgency on the job in its type. If a catch phrase like this "who wishes to be a millionaire" comes together, I have to start asking myself some serious questions, because my ears prick up as soon as I hear it.

I naturally get a bit angry when a person wins and can wander on a game show, in 60 minutes that which it's taken me most of my entire life.

When it comes to how to make wealth there looks to be …