Greed's Psychosis about Wealth Creation

Hitting upon a touchy subject, you can probably tell, I'm not in this for the kudos. Before going any further, for the article 'psychosis' is defined as being out of touch with reality to a point where one behaves with no or little regard for the law or morality

While I have no real issue with the idea of pitting someone's knowledge base against a computer, and what is essentially a questionnaire game show, just the title of the app alone seems enough of a draw card to get people to view Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? 

And this is truly the psychosis of urgency on the job in its type. If a catch phrase like this "who wishes to be a millionaire" comes together, I have to start asking myself some serious questions, because my ears prick up as soon as I hear it.

I naturally get a bit angry when a person wins and can wander on a game show, in 60 minutes that which it's taken me most of my entire life.

When it comes to how to make wealth there looks to be sure ways people can go about doing this, and also make huge sums of cash quickly. It appears they are capable of doing. But that's exactly what it is. Only giving the "appearance" of having the ability to do it readily.

When I see or hear of, this phenomenon occurring and a person being famed because of their riches, I need to keep remembering that what I am usually looking at is the culmination of at least 20 years work. Now this is very important.

You see, we get to see that the end product, not in where these guys started out. I'm sure Bill Gates, Kerry Packer, or Donald Trump all could tell you the same thing. Wealth is not enjoyed the genesis model of this bible. It doesn't occur over night, or in a few days and rest! Wealth is a lot of it, and something that gets created as time passes.

The only different ways to become wealthy that I know of are, theft, fraud, bequeathed it, being talented it or winning first prize.

Once we get greedy, we now suffer the psychosis. Greed makes us think it could happen. Greed blinds us to reality but in itself is not what makes us start dreaming about how to make wealth. It is among the primary the motorists.

Not to the extent where we become blinded by it, although in a way it's healthy. When that occurs, we are utterly obsessed using a notion. Tools to prevent this from happening are a business plan, getting generous to the point of giving away lots and a lot of cash and a solid work ethic.