Recommended Cruises for People New to Cruising

New to Cruising? Recommended Cruises for You
If you're new to cruising it can be difficult to choose your first holiday on the open seas. With so many cruise companies, facilities and destinations available, do you take a chance or rely on recommended cruises? Leading cruise holiday forum Cruises asked readers on their Facebook site and online forum what cruises they would recommend for first-time cruisers and the following three destinations were mentioned by many respondents
Cruise Forums Royal Caribbean.
Cruising around the Caribbean Islands is a dream holiday for many people and one was that was mentioned by a lot of seasoned cruisers. Rather than visiting all the sun-kissed islands in the region on separate holidays, a cruise around the Caribbean comes highly recommended if you want to see as much of the area and culture as possible.
Mediterranean cruises came top of the list for recommended cruise holidays. Many previous passengers cited the familiarity with the currencies and cultures as reasons it was a suitable destination for first-timers. In addition to the reasons above, the Mediterranean is close to the UK for flights and the time zones are not too different from this country, unlike other parts of the world.
Norwegian Fjords
The Norwegian Fjords were another highly recommended cruise destination. Some of the reasons given were that these cruises provide an opportunity to see places that you may not otherwise have thought of visiting and the scenery is completely unique. The beautiful, calm waters are also ideal for cruise holiday virgins who may be prone to bouts of sea sickness in rougher conditions.


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