ZT 2513 UV Flatbed Printer Printing Machine

          Short Description:

          ● Max Printing size:250*130cm
          ● Max printing speed:

          • 17m2/h(Production mode) /
          • 12m2/h(Precision mode) /
          • 9m2/h(High precision mode)

          ● Printeads:1-3 PCS TX800/DX8/4720/3200 head
          ● Printing material:Glass,Tile,Acrylic,metal,etc

          Product Detail

          Product Tags

          2513 uv flatbed printer printing machine




          Tx800 head or 4720 head

          Head number

          1 or 2 or 3

          Maximum resolution


          Print height

          3mm-80mm adjustable

          Ink colors

          K C M Y W V?

          Print types

          Clothes,GLASS,Acrylic board,Wood,Metal,Leather,Bottle and so on

          Data interface

          USB3.0 high speed interface transfer system

          Working environment



          50-60Hz 1000W-2000W,AC220V/AC110V

          Operating system


          Printer dimension


          Print speed

          Production model:8.5sq.m./h


          High precision?model:4.5sq.m./h

          Main Features

          1.?Printing Size:?250*130cm.
          2. Reliable boards system work on stable , high precision machine body ,it can work on any line.
          3. Automatic stirring system for white ink and lacking ink alarming system. Making sure non-stop working. Together with alarm function for ink shortage.
          4. ?White ink channel on or off optional and output percentage adjustable, make printing more vividly and saturation.
          5. ?Carriage height could reach to 8cm; And it can work on 3 heads by varnish+white+color, Print speed faster, and control easier.
          6. Highly integration control software with non-stop working function, easy to read and add print file during printing.
          7. Support for multiple printing on same picture by one time, fit for most special production request.

          2513pt (1)
          2513pt (10)

          1.ZT 2513 large format 3d uv flatbed printer with high quality

          2.Multi functional button

          2513pt (2)
          2513pt (11)

          3.Aluminum beam&PTFE Cellular Platform High resolution and easy to clean.

          4.Equiped with 3 pcs of longer working life LED water cooling uv lamp Longer working life Environmental friendly

          2513pt (9)
          2513pt (12)

          5.Silent drag chain Effectively protect ink tube and cables.

          6.Three heads,cmyk+white+varnish.

          2513pt (4)
          2513pt (5)

          7.Z-Axis up &down system

          8.Divide the vacuum table to 4 zones,concentrate energy ,save energy.

          2513pt (3)
          2513pt (6)

          9.Consistent design of double Hiwin guide rail,guarantee the stable movement of the carriage.

          10.Double built-in high power independent vacuum blower. Guarantee the powerful suction.

          2513pt (8)
          2513pt (7)

          11.TX800/4720 head are optional

          12.TX800/4720 head are optional

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