ZT A2 T-Shirt Printer 2pcs XP600/TX800/3200I

          Short Description:

          ● Max Printing size:40*60cm

          ● Max printing speed:60sec/page

          ● Max printing height:15cm height

          ● Printeads:2DX8

          ● Printing material:Glass,Tile,Acrylic,PP,Metal,Wood


          Product Detail

          Product Tags

          Product Introduction


          Product name A2 dtg flatbed printer
          Model ZT-4060-2DX8-DTG
          Printhead 2 pcs tx800/dx8
          Printing size Max 40*60cm
          speed A3 area: 60seconds.? ?A4 area: 170 seconds
          Maximum Resolution 720*4320 dpi
          Ink type Pigment ink
          color W K C M Y? /?4 COLOR +WHITE
          Printing Type Cotton shirt
          Max Printing heigh

          15cm for standared

          Rip software Maintop 6 uv version for standared & photoprint uv 12 for optional
          Machine Dimension 97*101*56CM
          Package size 114*109*76CM

          9. There are handles around the machine, user-friendly design, easy for the machine to move.

          10. Free accessory packs.

          11. A small fan is installed on the trolley board card to cool down the board card and prolong the service life of the board card.

          12. Heating function of head, ( head has temperature requirements, such as in extremely cold areas, use this function to facilitate ink fluency).

          13. All aluminum nozzle bottom plate.


          Product Advantages

          1. LED touch screen, more convenient operation

          2. Precision milling aluminum beam lifting, beam lifting precision is high

          3. White ink stirring

          4. Automatic height measurement

          5. Automatic lifting and cleaning

          6. Original maintop software

          7. Stainless steel ink stack, corrosion resistance, long service life

          8. Machine working window. Easy to see inside

          Product solution: We have a team of engineers, contact engineers if you have any after sales service

          Instructions: We'll send a USB flash drive along with the machine, with all the software and instructional videos

          Maintenance: Frequent use of machinery

          After-sales service: We will give away a spare parts package for free, which will help customers with after-sales service. Warranty: 13months

          pro (1)
          pro (2)

          High precision,high quality platform accurate calibration.

          The machine is more efficient and reliable.

          pro (3)
          pro (1)

          The color white varnish lamp, making the material dry faster and more operational.

          Made by imported raw materials, with good quality and use long life now.

          pro (2)
          pro (3)

          CNC Aluminum carriage

          Six colors of CYMK + white + varnish.

          pro (4)
          pro (5)

          The temperature control system of the water tank can reflect the temperature on the display for reasonable adjustment

          LED teach panel Manual screen, convenient operation, reasonable design.

          pro (6)
          pro (4)

          The print head heating function can make the print head in a humid environment in different environments, protect the print head more effectively and work easier

          The ink shortage alarm has a prompt function, reminding the user to add ink in time when the machine is short of ink, the operation is more reasonable and reliable

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