ZT 3200K Solvent Printer 4/8pcs Head Konica 512I

          Short Description:

          ●print size: 3.2m(Max 125inch)

          ●Print head :4 pcs Konica 512I

          ●Print speed:

          • 45m3/h
          • 30m3/h
          • 22m3/h

          ●Print material:PVC,Film,Paper,Photo,Oil,Paper,Feather and so on.

          Product Detail

          Product Tags

          Product Introduction

          3.2m size three epson tx800 heads uv roll to roll printer.


          Product Name 3.2m uv roll to roll printer?
          Model ZT3208DH uv
          Printer head 3?pc?tx800?head
          Speed 6 pass: 16sqm/h
          5 pass:?20sqm/h
          Maximum Resolution 720*4320 dpi
          Ink K C M Y??4 COLOR?or?K C M Y LC LM 6 COLOR
          Printing Type Leather,canvas?and so on
          Rip software Maintop for standard, photoprint dx version for optional
          Machine Dimension 4500mm*850mm*1420mm
          Equiped front+middle?+?back heater system inside machine
          Standard parts stronger feeding unit+ outside infrared heater &fan heater system+taking up system
          ?Print height 3mm-5mm adjustable
          Net weight 90KG
          Gross weight 130KG

          Product Advantage

          a. Real?3 PASS?printing ink-jet printer which based on satisfied ink density and saturation

          b. Color channel adjustable.And help you to extent the working life of your print head together with printer.

          c. Control software could close the nozzle which cloged,then it could print a perfectly printings.And the heads distance feather function could cover the heads distance on physical position.

          d. One of the best boards control system have been tested on our printer,and more than 72 hours tested before shipping.guarantee the best quality.

          e. Auto alarming system for ink and material lack.Ink pump pressure adjustable,easier to clean print head or pump ink,save ink and? your time.

          Product Details


          The aluminum material is not easy to deform, corrosion-resistant, and uses anti-collision material to move smoothly


          according to the different materials, independent control of temperature adjustment, more intelligent, divided into front heating, middle heating, after heating, distinguish adjustment, humanized design

          peo (1)
          peo (2)

          Made by imported raw materials,with good quality and use long life now.

          The heater can heat and dry the printed material more evenly.

          peo (3)
          peo (1)

          Not easy to deform, high temperature resistant, corrosion resistant and smooth movement.

          Save working time,and easy for operation and more stable.

          peo (2)
          peo (4)

          Front, middle and back heating button, more humanized design, separate design, make printing materials faster, more convenient and reasonable.

          Humanized button design, the emergency button can be stopped in an emergency, and can be stopped at any time during the operation.

          peo (5)
          peo (6)

          The pressing finger wheel can effectively prevent the printing material from bending.

          The mute drag chain effectively prevents noise when printing materials, is resistant to friction, and is non-slip.

          peo (7)
          peo (8)

          CNC Aluminum beam, wear-resistant, not easy to deform, not easy to corrode, and long life

          Suction speed adjustment makes the printing material fit the printing panel more closely.

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