ZT A2 UV Flatbed Printer PTFE Cellular Platform

          Short Description:

          ● Max Printing size:40*60cm

          ● Max printing speed:60sec/page

          ● Max printing height:15cm height

          ● Printeads:2DX8/4720

          ● Printing material:Glass,Tile,Acrylic,PP,Metal,Wood

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          1.The print head heating function can make the print head in a humid environment in different environments, protect the print head more effectively and work easier.

          2.The color white varnish lamp, precise scale adjusts the temperature of the lamp, making the material dry faster and more operational.

          3.The design of glass platform is adopted, and the appearance is more scientific and technological.

          4.Imported guide rail, high precision , to ensure the smooth operation of the carriage.


          5.2.The design of the suction fan can reduce the temperature under the high operation mode of the machine, which is more efficient and reliable.

          6.CNC Aluminum carriageNot easy to deform, high temperature resistant, corrosion resistant and smooth movement.

          7.The temperature control system of the water tank can reflect the temperature on the display for reasonable adjustment

          8.LED teach panel Manual screen, convenient operation, reasonable design.

          9.Made by imported raw materials,with good quality and use long life now.

          10.Six colors of CYMK + white + varnish

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